SPC Floor JD-035

Fire rating: B1 Waterproof grade: complete Environmental protection grade: E0 Others: CE/SGS Specification: 1210 * 183 * 4.5mm

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From the floor structure and application, there is no doubt that the solid wood multi-layer composite floor is much better than the laminate floor. Aggrandizement floor is to grind chemical fiber according to lumber high temperature heat, wood chemical fiber and glue mix mix the floor that compacts generation. All the wood chemical fibers are broken, so the upper foot is particularly astringent in application, which belongs to the stiffness raw material. There are also floor surface is designed according to the wood texture decoration, poor decorative art, there are also problems with the version.

Parquet is based on the wood rotary cutting machine or planing of the double board, according to the glue pressing floor. The wood chemical fiber is half broken, which can maintain certain wood resilience working ability and make the upper foot much more comfortable. And the surface wood of the floor is also natural veneer, which has excellent decorative art. But there is a little laminate flooring, the price is more cost-effective, cost-effective. All in all, or according to their own cost budget and specific circumstances out, the standard is certainly allowed to choose parquet. Laminate floor is very simple, general modern goods, perhaps more manufacturers are able to do. But the solid wood composite is not necessarily, the solid wood floor and the solid wood floor heating floor can be said to have the field of threshold, assets and timber resources.

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Parameter Table

Surface Texture Wood Texture
Overall Thickness 4.5mm
Underlay(Optional) EVA/IXPE(1.5mm/2mm)
Wear Layer 0.2mm. (8 Mil.)
Size specification 1210 * 183 * 4.5mm
Technical data of spc flooring
Dimentional stability/ EN ISO 23992 Passed
Abrasion resistance/ EN 660-2 Passed
Slip resistance/ DIN 51130 Passed
Heat resistance/ EN 425 Passed
Static load/ EN ISO 24343 Passed
Wheel caster resistance/ Pass EN 425 Passed
Chemical resistance/ EN ISO 26987 Passed
Smoke density/ EN ISO 9293/ EN ISO 11925 Passed

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